the chopping block

wik’s splicing block.

this one here in particular is a rivas splicing block.

a roll of 35mm 4-perf on the left and 70mm 15-perf on the right.

we used to label our splicing blocks because each one handled a little bit differently. it made everyone possessive about their particular gear.

i stole mine from paul after he left. (thanks, paul!)

to the left is the roll of splicing tape. the center guillotine is used to cut the film. the tamper to the right helps set the perforations into the registration pins on the block and also has a blade to cut the tape.

close up of the film cutting blade (left) and the tamper/tape cutting blade (right)

sometimes the arms would get misaligned or the springs would get loose. that’s when we’d wander over to the guys in camera engineering and they’d fix us right up.

16mm splicing block (top) 35mm splicing block (bottom)

the main difference is where the registration pins are located. for 16mm, the pins are in the middle and for 35mm the pins are at the top and bottom.